Key Features
  Product Information
  Product Category Integra
  Product Series Integra Wine Coolers
  Product Name 24" Wine Cooler
  Model Number B24IW50SRS
  Color Stainless Steel
  Also available in Custom Panel
      Overall Dimensions W x H x D (inch) 24 X 84 X 24 3/4*
      Column Door Dimensions (inch) 23 3/4 X 79 7/8 X 3/4
      Door Clearance (inch) 26 21/32 X 11 3/4
      Power Connection Area 12
  Technical Information
      Voltage/Frequency 120V/60Hz
      Energy Consumption kWh/year 380
      Wattage 102W
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 Special Notes
A: Area for installation of power connection.

B: Area for running the water line. It is recommended that the water-box is placed adjacent to the installation cavity, so that it can be accessed for service without uninstalling the appliance. If this is not possible, place the recessed water-box adjacent to the water supply socket elevated at the heights as referenced in areas A and B.

D: Niche depth depends on kitchen design. For a flush installation, the depth needs to be at least 24 inches plus the thickness of the door panel.

Panel dimensions based on a standard 1/8 inch reveal and 4 inch toe kick. Custom panel dimensions may vary depending on kitchen reveals and toe kick.

Stainless Steel models contain a panel-ready base unit, ready-to-install Stainless Steel door(s) with a right or left door swing and handle(s).

**Required space for finger guard.

Measurements in inches.
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