Key Features
  Product Information
  Product Category Integra
  Product Series Integra Refrigeration
  Product Name 30" Unit
  Model Number B30IR70SRS
  Color Stainless Steel
  Also available in Custom Panel
      30" Refrigerator Unit (cu. ft.) 17.1
      Overall Dimensions W x H x D (inch) 30 X 84 X 24 3/4*
      Column Door Dimensions (inch) 29 3/4 X 79 7/8 X 3/4
      Door Clearance (inch) 32 31/32 X 14 5/16
      Power Connection Area 15
  Technical Information
      Voltage/Frequency 120V/60Hz
      Energy Consumption kWh/year 285
      Wattage 180W
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 Special Notes
A: Area for installation of power connection.

B: Area for running the water line. It is recommended that the water-box is placed adjacent to the installation cavity, so that it can be accessed for service without uninstalling the appliance. If this is not possible, place the recessed water-box adjacent to the water supply socket elevated at the heights as referenced in areas A and B.

D: Niche depth depends on kitchen design. For a flush installation, the depth needs to be at least 24 inches plus the thickness of the door panel.

Panel dimensions based on a standard 1/8 inch reveal and 4 inch toe kick. Custom panel dimensions may vary depending on kitchen reveals and toe kick.

Stainless Steel models contain a panel-ready base unit, ready-to-install Stainless Steel door(s) with a right or left door swing and handle(s).

**Required space for finger guard.

Measurements in inches.
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