Key Features
  Product Information
  Product Category Axxis Compact Dryers
  Product Series Axxis Condensation Dryers
  Product Name Axxis Condensation Dryer
  Model Number WTE86300US
  Color White
  Core Features
      Drum Capacity 3.95 cu. ft.
  Silence Rating
      dBA 67 dBA
  Technical Data
      Supply Voltage 208/240 V
      Frequency 60 Hz
      Amperage 13 A
      UL Listed
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 Special Notes
Dimensions for WTE86300US (condensation dryer — no ducting required) and WTV76100US

Stacked installation height approx. 67 4/16".
Height with WTZ11300UC Stacking Kit with Pull-out Tray or WTZ11310UC Stacking Kit without Pull-out Tray approx. 68 13/16".

Depth including door is 25 13/16."

For planning only. For details, see Installation Manual.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
UL listed.
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