Detailed Features
Product Information
  Product Category Axxis Compact Dryers
  Product Series Axxis Condensation Dryers
  Product Name Axxis Condensation Dryer
  Model Number WTE86300US
  Color White
Core Features
Color Options White
Drum Capacity 3.95 cu. ft.
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Silence Rating
dBA 67 dBA
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Timed Drying (40 min.) Check mark
Wools Check mark
Touch Up Check mark
Short Program Check mark
DUOTRONIC® Auto Dry Cycles - Regular/Cotton 4
DUOTRONIC® Auto Dry Cycles - Permanent Press 3
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Optional Settings
Delicates/Low Heat Check mark
Easy Ironing Check mark
Adjustable End-of-Cycle Signal Check mark
Time Remaining Display Check mark
Anticrease Feature (for 35-min. After Cycle) Check mark
WRINKLEBLOCK® (Up to 1 hour) Check mark
Delayed Start Up to 19 hours with 1-hour Increments
Lint Filter LED Indicator Check mark
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Advanced Features
Dry Sensor Control Fully Electronic Moisture Sensor
Gentle Heat System Temperature Sensors
Stainless Steel Drum Check mark
Structured Drum Check mark
Touch Control Check mark
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Technical Data
Supply Voltage 208/240 V
Frequency 60 Hz
Amperage 13 A
UL Listed Check mark
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